I want to creat an icon pack using expression..

Hi Everyone,
I want to make an animated icon pack in After effects for “VIDEOHIVE”. I want to use expressions. I don’t know much about expressions. Please help me where to get expression for my after effects icon pack template.Can i use expression for my pack on VIDEOHIVE. And What should i take care of. After putting a lot of days work,I don’t want a rejection. So, please guide me on this.

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Your question seems to be a little generic; what exactly do you want to achieve with expressions?

Hi Osama,
I want to use controller for color change. I want to make both global & local controller.


I want to make both global & local controller.

Ok, Let’s say that you want the global controller to be in a comp called “Comp 01” and the local controller in another comp called “Comp 02”:

1) Create a null object or an adjustment layer in Comp 01 (the global controller comp) and give it a name you like (the name should be something that implies what this layer is for/what it does e.g. ‘Global Controller’). Next step is apply a Color Control effect to the new layer and give the effect an appropriate name;

2) Repeat step #1 in Comp 02 (the local controller comp) and in addition to that apply a Checkbox Control to the same layer that contains the local color controller and the checkbox should have a name along the lines of “Controlled Globally?”. (this is the checkbox that will let your end users choose if they want the color to be controlled by the global controller or the local one)

3) Add this expression in the color parameter that you want to connect with the local and global controllers (hold down the Alt key – or Option in Mac – on your keyboard and click the stopwatch icon :stopwatch: next to the property name to enable expression for the property):

globalControl = comp("COMP NAME").layer("LAYER NAME").effect("EFFECT NAME")(1);
//assign this to the global color controller

checkbox = comp("COMP NAME").layer("LAYER NAME").effect("EFFECT NAME")(1);
//assign this to the Checkbox Control

localControl = comp("COMP NAME").layer("LAYER NAME").effect("EFFECT NAME")(1);
//assign this to the local color controller

checkbox.value ? globalControl : localControl;

Now clearly the code above won’t work if you copy and paste it as is; you need to update the comps, layers, effects names in the code.

So for example if your global controller is actually in a comp called “Main Comp - Render Me”, applied to a layer with the name of “G Controller”, and the global controller itself is named “Controller”, then you will need to update the value of the globalControl variable to something like this:

globalControl = comp("Main Comp - Render Me").layer("G Controller").effect("Controller")(1);

and the same thing applies to the variables checkbox and localControl.

I hope that helps and makes sense :slight_smile:

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