A honest feedback about this Rejected Logo Template!

Hello guys,

I.m attaching the logo template that was rejected.
I hope that you can critique this and also guide me to the real reason that was rejected.

Thank you and I.m waiting your opinions.

Hello, it’s not defined in any way. Is this a globe? How does that compare to the name? Logo should be thematic, check this one https://graphicriver.net/item/bird-logo/20040719 Also, your logo has positive/negative problems. I would start from scratch :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello and thank you for your feedback.

Eventho, this can be included in the abstract or symbols section where a logo doest not need to have a specific direction of something.

We can take as an example the Ubisoft logo which has the same perspective in my opinion, maybe I.m wrong.

Thank you

I personally think that UbiSoft logo wouldn’t pass the review too :smiley:

:)))) hahah nice one

Just do a sweet thematic logo with more than one color, and watch for the negative/positive logo variation. Use vectors and CMYK colors, but also provide RGB variations. Pack it all up nicely and of course, showcase it nicely on page. Can’t miss if you do these proper :slight_smile: