A good wordpress theme for audiojungle authors?

I’m thinking of creating a little site for my production music - does anyone have any recommendations of themes that works well for audiojungle authors?

I suppose it would have to include an audio player, maybe a slideshow or gallery for item title images. I’d also like to include some videos of my work in use. Designwise, probably something fairly minimal.

Maybe you’ve used one yourself or know of one you could recommend?



I’d be interested too in anything along these lines

I’ve made my personal website with Avada, but I’m also planning on making a site for my AJ portfolio to drive referrals etc. So any recommendations for that would be welcomed as well!

hopefully we’ll get a suggestion or two :slight_smile:

a couple i had looked at were lush and music band

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I use “X | The Theme”, it has audio and video player. I would suggest you go with it, builder is easy and beautiful. You can build almost any design you wish, + you get alot of templates.

thanks, looks great!

what do you think of avada?

It’s excellent and seems to do almost everything, though (in my opinion) the design isn’t all that distinguished, like some of the other, more ‘niche’ themes. That’s why I’m looking to try out another theme to see what else is out there design-wise.