Please suggest most suitable theme for the site I have to make

Hi everyone!

I need to make a site for a public personality. I have looked around and find the most wanted Wordpress themes such as Avada, X-theme etc. really high class and probably the best solutions in my case. But there are some questions I have before choosing one of the templates.

I need to make a site (or have it made) for a religious leader. That means there has to be a feed for the latest articles, videos, audios, news. That is all there but I also need to create a page with an audio archive where audio classes can be categorized according to topics or events and also played back and downloaded.

I would also like to have a page for streaming video.

And another page to organize the teachings, like different categories of topics that include different articles.

And another question:
Is it possible to somehow categorize the new posts so that after posting they will also appear in proper page? I mean when I have an audio published on the news feed, can it also at the same time appear on the audio archive?

So these are the main concernes. What template would be best suitable for that? I personally think about Avada but I don’t really know. I’m also concerned that even after the page is ready it will be easily editable afterwards.

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Hi Srivas,

It doesn’t look like you need anything too crazy here. You’ll probably just want to use post categories, with some custom fields where you can put audio data/ video data. All default WordPress functionality that you can customize in any child theme if need be.

At most you might need custom post types for the specialized styles of posts–but that’s probably overkill based on what you’ve posted here.

To answer your primary question–any theme out there will be able to handle these concerns. I have some experience with Avada and it’s a pretty good theme which makes it easy to style pages; and X-theme, which comes with some really nice prepackaged defaults.

This probably doesn’t help you narrow the field down much. Bottom line: Any theme can do what you’ve listed here. I’d recommend picking the theme that looks to be the best fit for your customer/style of web design and go from there.

Thank you!

That makes it clear. I guess since I don’t have experience with Wordpress themes, better if I choose one with a good editor and user support. I think I will need some help to set it up though. What is a reasonable price to pay for setting it up or at least to implement the features I mentioned? I might buy the theme first but I think better to relay on someone with an experience.

There’s a lot of considerations to determine the fair price for your project:
-Will you need the developer to do design work, or just set up the category/ custom post type–with you handling all the css/ styling.
-Do you need any specific API’s set up for the music/ video, or are you planning to use default html5 functionality and stream from your own domain?

With these details + plug the information you have listed above, you could post a project on a freelance website (Guru, Upwork, etc.) to get competitive bids. If you’d like to get a detailed bid from me, hit me up at chase (at) with the specifics and I’ll put something together.