A friend just posted a link to an AI music creator. Are we doomed?

A friend of mine just posted a link to a website that I don’t even want to share the name of in case of retribution. Basically it is a website not to dissimilar to AJ a place to buy music licenses. You search for a genre, style etc. The difference is AI makes the track for you. Not sure of more details but apparently it has 500,000 tracks already. Some sound quite good. The scary thing this has just started. If successful this will undoubtedly damage our (humans) earning potential and if not this website then another one. This is happening quicker than I thought it would.

Don’t worry, until machine can’t create something that will make impact like when Jimmy Hendrix played Along the Watchtower or Eric Clapton played Layla for the first time we have nothing to worry. Even the best neuron network technologies can’t bring “imagination” or “unique” view. Even for mastering you need good sound engineer cause automatic plugins can’t compete with human hearing for nuances which make us like music or sound.

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