50 approved Items not showing in Categories

Hi there,

Today 50 of my Items were approved and I can see them in my portfolio but they aren’t shown inside categories. Anyone with similar problem, or how it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance! :smile:


I can see your items in the specific categories right now, I think the system of Envato adds the new approved items to their categories in some sort of “batches” so it can maybe take some time to let them appear in their categories.

Congrats with your approvals and good luck with sales :smiley:

Hi Proxibolt, :smile:

Yes they appeared after couple of hours. I never had situation like this so I tried to find solution or explanation here. :smile:

Thanks for your wishes. I wish you a Happy Holidays! :smile:

today 50 items approved?! man! u are a machine gun lol u have a team to assist or something? lol

:smiley: You really made me laugh! :smiley: I’m giving my best… There are 90 items waiting for review… lol

that’s it u have killed me already lol i will smell pine tree but from down under lol merry christmas they will say lol

I also experienced the same problem since yesterday and today