New item not showing in the category page but showing in my portfolio

My new presentation is not showing in the presentation category on Graphicriver. It is showing in my portfolio but not in the category. I guess it will ruin all the exposure of my item. :frowning:

What to do now? I guess by the time this problem will be solved by developers my item will be on second page and I will lost all the exposure for my item.

Will Envato allowed me to upload my item again?

Same problem here, I checked to see if my new track “Bone Chillling Theme” was on the new items list about 20 minutes after approval and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Very discouraging since a lot of my past sales have been from that exposure.

Oh nvm now it’s up. I guess it’s delayed a little.

Its too much. My item was approved 3 hours back and still its not anywhere. Who will compensate for this lost exposure.
Nobody from the envato staff is listening to authors.