4th time hard rejected my PSD design. Any Suggestion? Please help!


This is 4th time my PSD got hard rejected by the reviewer without any reason. How would I know what exactly needs to be fixed on it? Can anyone here do let me know or help me out to understand the issues in it?

Please help me out.


Thanks in advance

It is not bad, it just looks outdated. It would be maybe approved as HTML template, but you will need something more modern looking for PSD category.

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Can you please tell me what is outdated in this design. So that I will try to fix them and submit it again.

Also I am trying to make a design to convert it for WordPress theme. So approval on PSD is my first priority. Please guide me what actually needs to be improved in this design.

Many thanks

As the colleague said, it looks outdated in a way that it is just basic. The style looks to me like it’s just the basic Bootstrap styles with customized color scheme (i.e cards, buttons, pagination and all other components).
Being an e-commerce store of course the priority is good user experience and not using overly styled components but you should make it look more interesting, there are hundreds more templates just like this.
If you want to stick to this style language, my suggestion would be to at least showcase more variants of the header, footer, etc.


I undertsand what you said. Sure I will work on this to make it more attrective and will make more variants for the home page, header and footer as you suggested.