3D Kit Designer

We are looking for a project which enables the cyclists to design their own cycling clothing on our website just like this one https://www.owayo.com/konfigurator_html/index.php?sport=cycling&product=bikejerseys&lang=en&land=us

Our budget is around 1200USD.

Hi Phebe,

Your budget is modest for that kind of project (custom build kit designer + integration) but contact me i might figure out something (i create kit designers with my team). Another option you should check (if not already done) is “Fancy Kit Designer” , see if you can make it works for your project. It’s only 40$ the plugin if i remember well. But it might not fit exactly what you need or you might find difficult to integrate it with your website.

Good luck and feel free to contact me !

I have forget to give you the link for our page if you look for custom built kit designer CMS integration or stand alone. : https://3rax.com/kit-designer-dedicated-solutions/

I can help you with this project, contact me on: mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com So we can discuss it further. Looking forward for your reply.

Mehti M. Mehtiyev

Thank you for your reply. It would be appreciated if you could offer a Demo for us to practice. And is it possible for us to download the designs done by the cyclist on the platform?

I am searching for this kind of script this site also in wordpress http://www.akumarugby.com/3d-kit-designer/