WP Plugin for Shirt Design Studio

I am looking for a wordpress plugin that would be similar to appareldesignstudio.com . I would like my clients to be able to create there own shirt idea so I can finalize the artwork and potentially get more business. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

A non flash version exists here:


And with the way things are going iphone/ipads you need to seriously consider this…

However, the pricing seems pretty steep.

I don’t think it would take too much time to write your own though. The only issue would probably be the dread ie7-9 compatibility.

I’m working on this at the moment. This is an older version that I did for someone a couple of years ago: http://www.wardrobefx.com/#main (don’t think it works on ipad)

Will probably submit a non wp version first followed by a wp plugin.

Not sure on timeframe, I have a million competing projects at the moment.

Oh and iamthwee, you would be surprised how much time it takes. There is alot of backend as well as front end stuff going on.

gbsmith71, did you ever finish your plugin?

I’m also looking for a Custom Product Creator or should I say, the ability for customers to put their logo onto our products. A WordPress plugin would be great but I’d be happy with any solution that I can run on my site that is not a re-direct to someone else site.


See the FAQ for limitations.

I don’t have the ability to add additional features to get to where I want to be.

something new about that ?

Here is a T-shirt Design Studio for WordPress :

It has the ability for customers to put their logo and Texts onto the products.

Cheers !