3D Demon in a Suit

Hello friends!

I’m looking for an artist to create a 3D version of a demon avatar I utilize in my YouTube videos. I tried it myself and found that it is more difficult than I could have imagined but that’s where the geniuses at Envato could help.

So, if any of you are up to the task I’d need a 3D demon in a suit. You can go as crazy as you want to go with it. I need it to be somewhat realistic and somewhat cartoonish. There are numerous examples out there and a few that I purchased from Envato and some I found on the internet.

The two examples that I would love to see a meshing of are as follow:

I would need for this to be an original creation so that I can use it. Of course the licensing and all that should be squared away as well.

Is there anyone out there that can help?