Looking for Game Art/Icons/Items Artist

Hi All, I’m new to the forums, but I wanted to introduce myself and my new game (Mythic Story). I already have a lot of artwork, but I need a lot more. I am after somebody to create In Game Items/Icons/Objects for instance Ice Cream, Apple, Fire Shield, Cheese Helmet. These are just examples. The style needs to be cartoony in nature and the items will be in 2D. The game is browser based, and is all fantasy and mythology.

Please let me know if you would be interested. I’m wanting to hire someone to do bulk amounts of items. For instance 200 or so. There may be optional other work for designing characters, maps and animals as well at times.


I’d suggest looking on www.studio.envato.com - those are vetted freelancers and you have protection from envato which you would not get by finding someone from forums

Could you please drop me an email to discuss the details? I may be able to help you on this.

Hello James

Thank you for posting the details. I do have my own team of artwork and graphics designers so please start communication to finalize the details of your work and items.

I have been working at Envato from the last 7 years and have also offered my services to many individuals and companies using Envato studio.

Please drop me an email to discuss more about the work. Me and my graphics designing team will be at your disposal.

Looking forward to your quality response and great feedback

Most welcome