2nd After Effects Template Approved for sale ! and Level 3 ! Tx Envato

Congrats!!! Keep it up! Great project)

tx GEGMusic ! I took a look at your portfolio, I like your music and will use it in a future template video preview

Over 1000$ in sales on that template? Looks great… but in the info says “3 sales” is that right?

congrats :slight_smile:

I think he meant for his account, total.

Hi Simon, I mean my total sales with Envato not just this project, still at the very beginning of the way, level 3, just starting out, but it is a great achievement for beginners in sales, I have been part of the community for over 3 years, but I really started putting pressure on selling in the last couple of months until I developped the required experience to get the projects accepted on Videohive, it is not an easy task at all ! But it is a great experience and a place to find out in which level of quality you are.

tx wearede !

Thank you! I think it will be great collab for sales)

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