24bit 96khz audio file link in zip

Hi to whoever works at Envato and ends up reading this.

I work hard to record sound effects and ambiences at as high a quality as I can.
I think it is such a shame that we are forced to sell our sounds as 16bit 44.1kHz stereo files.

Is it against any rule if i put a link to a full quality .wav file in to the main zip file? I would host the file on google drive. Then if the customer feels like they would like to use the higher quality option, it is available for them.


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I guess you could offer 24-96 apart (mentioning it in the description) so clients that are really interested will reach out for the high quality files.

audio quality is an interesting topic in the stock market. I don’t know why we use CD quality when the standard for audio post production is 24-48


I wonder if it affects broadcast license sales on Audiojungle?