2023 Envato Community T-Shirt Contest - winners now announced!

Very nice, congratulations! :clap: :envato:

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Congratulations! :clap: :envato:

Interesting, congratulations! :clap: :envato:

It’s a nice one @dasdesign :innocent: :+1:

There have been some great entries so far :slight_smile:

Only three days left to enter - if you have a masterpiece sitting half-finished on your Illustrator or Affinity workspace, now’s the time to polish it up and submit it! The contest will close at 11:59pm (Melbourne time) this Sunday, February 12th.


Hello, community!

This is our design concept for a T-shirt called “Visible Creativity.”

You can find various kinds of project templates at Envato that will spoil the eyes of anyone who looks at them. From graphics, presentation templates, 3D assets, photos, video templates, audio music, and website templates to code, scripts & plugins that you can download anytime. To represent that, we included it in this design.

Envato Elements.

Thank You!


RRgraph Design



I think this one is the best one among all the other designs. I hope this one will win this year. Best wishes to the designer.


Awesome :+1:



It turned out pretty cool. Congratulations! :envato: :clap:

Very good. Congratulations! :clap: :envato:

A nice work… :innocent: :+1:

Wow… I love it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fire:

Ready to participate in this competition… I am back.


Create work… Love it

Nice work…

Hello guys. what’s up ?
Finally i can finish this year design :slight_smile:
Here is my design for this year, with the end of pandemic around the world, now the journey is open and we can begin the journey back. Let’s go Explore together with Envato Community.

Hoping the best for this year off course, wanting to get my third winning badge for this contest :blush:
I wish good luck for fellow contestant. All the best for the winner who win this year contest. :pray:

Thank you very much for @BenLeong who still with us today. I hope you are doing well there.


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Super one … rautanstudio

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