200 Sales and some thoughts

Dear AJ-Fellows, i finally reached the 200. It took me about three years, I know others do that in a few months or weeks. But still, everyone has its own pace and i am just happy so far. Recently my sales dropped, the new tracks just wouldn’t sell. But I guess that’s just how it is, and there might be days where it’s going up again. Like many things in life.

I hope we can all have a long lasting good time creating music, for the next few or ten years or even more. Who knows where the journey is leading us to - but im curious taking it with you guys!

Have a good day all!



Congratulations @Pagoda-Studio on your milestone! I hope 2017 shines on your work :sun_with_face:

Congratulations @Pagoda-Studio :boom:

Congratulations, @Pagoda-Studio! Good luck with more sales!


Congratulation @Pagoda-Studio :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your awesome achievement ! Three years isn’t so bad, it took me more than that to get to 200.

Thanks y’all for the congratulations. Time is relatice however. Let’s meet again at the next milestone :wink:


@Pagoda-Studio Congratulations :tada:

Huge congratulations on this :grinning:



Congrats to you https://forums.envato.com/users/Pagoda-Studio
I think I’m on the same slow journey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great accomplishment, congrats @Pagoda-Studio!

I like that. Its a long run, not a fast race, and enjoying the road its key. Congratulations and keep going.

Absolutely, MusicWanderer. We have to remember that in times like theese. Thanks all for the congratulations.