2 Million in Sales! Hard Work PAYS OFF

Yesterday was a memorable day when we crossed the surprising 2Million in sale (total revenue) and we received an email from Envato recognizing our contribution.

2M is a very surprising milestones because when we first started selling WordPress themes, we only had the thought that we wanted to sell the best solution for online Education. A big thank you all the dudes at Envato for giving us this big chance to connect with the customers and showcase our products.

So, if you are a theme author like us, keep on trying because hard work pays off.
We worked so hard, almost 80 hours a week to make sure Eduma and LearnPress LMS is the best online learning and online education solution one will ever need. The product is not perfect yet, but it is not the case since we will always be there for the customers anytime an issue happened and we will always keep trying, keep pouring our heart and soul into it to make our product better.

Just sharing our 2 cents. Thank you for reading. Yay!



Wow indeed!
Congratulations, now back to work to reach $5M :smile:

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Great job and congrats.

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congratulation :tropical_drink:

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Amazing achievement!

Congratulations and Good luck! :smile:

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Just thinking out loud but who is “we” by the way. Are you a a team? How many of you working so hard to pull this off? How many were involved when when you started? If you can share a much longer background story, I’ll appreciate it and so will others I’m sure :smiley:

Congrats on the success!


Congrats! Wish you all the best.

Wow! Congrats!
You’re an inspiration! :smiley:

It’s just unreal!
Congratulations on this stunning result!:tada:

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Wow! Congratulations! :sparkles: Next stop is a billionaire! :slight_smile:

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Wow! it is amazing! congrats!!!

I have no words. Perfectly!

Congrats. You are right. Hard work with “LOVE” always pays off. :clap:

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