We just hit $2,000,000 in total sales!

$2m in total sales, I can’t believe it, it’s been a decent journey to get here, 5 years (nearly 6) of membership, countless late nights, early mornings and working weekends.

Thanks to everyone at Envato, the lovely guys @medium_rare1 @elemis @weibergmedia @designova & especially to my head of support @DistinctiveThemes, Danny, he’s the best.

Thanks everyone!

Cheers - Tom


Congrats!!! ; -)

Congrats, that´s really great. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! :tada::tada::tada:

Awesome accomplishment @tommusrhodus! Congratulations :smile:

Congratulations, @tommusrhodus! Keep it up!

Congratulation @tommusrhodus :tada:

You mean ThemeForest.net? I can’t get there, where is it (connection problems) - & Congrats :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I wish we will get our first million usd here too :smiley:

Congrats Tom!

Awesome!! Congrats!!

:star2: ∞ Congratulations! :star2:

Congratulations :tada:
Hope have one day in future we can reach your level :smile:

Congratulations! Your latest product really dopes.

Congrats, good luck !!!

Congratulations! You really deserve it :tada:

Fat congrats, buddy! Keep up the awesome(hard) work!

Great job! :slight_smile: