1st Polish AudioJungle Online Meetup :)

Hi there Polish authors!

On Saturday 5.12.2020 9:00 PM (21:00) CET we’re making a small online meetup with @boomopera @ShymonMusic and @SFmusic. Come and join us if you speak Polish (this time we will probably speak our native language).

More info soon!


what will be the topic of conversation. Can anyone join and listen?

It’s going to be great fun :wink: :star_struck:

@MountainAudio ?

Hi, and thank you for the invitation. However, I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to join the meeting.

It will be a small friendly meetup so we are not planning any “conference - style” topics, just a simple meeting and networking. Drinks allowed :wink:

I am pretty sure that we will talk about recent changes and their impact on AudioJungle, that’s quite obvious. And I suppose the most interesting topics will be about PROs and CID.

Keep in mind we will talk probably in Polish. Maybe in the future I will organize an online PRO & CID FAQ for all English speaking authors :slight_smile:

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Update: time of the meetup 9:00 PM = 21:00 CET

Update: we will meet via Google Meet - a free Google service: https://meet.google.com/ available from desktop computer or mobile app.

Tomorrow I will paste here link to our meetup.

No to kto się dzisiaj zjawi? :slight_smile:

Będzie kilka osób :slight_smile: Na kilka minut przed 21 wkleję linka do Google Meet.

Link: https://meet.google.com/oix-ahhm-sii