Moldova AudioJungle Author

Hi, I have been an AudioJungle author for some time and I am originally from Moldova, but I did not find any author from Moldova.
I would like to find us more Moldovan authors and discuss some moments on the AudioJungle market.
All the best! :sunglasses:

Hi! :wave: You can discuss any moments on the Audiojungle market with any authors of the Audiojungle community from all over the world. Here is a big friendly family and everyone is ready to help you.


Yes thanks.
Is it possible in Moldova to organize “Envato Worldwide” ? For this reason and I created the post.
The more authors in Moldova, the greater the chance of creating such an event. :slightly_smiling_face:

The closest meeting 2018 & 2019 was in Kiev. It is also planned next year 2020. I visited Chisinau a couple of days ago. The trip from Chisinau to Kiev took 9 hours by bus and cost 16$. This year at the meeting I met an author from Chisinau. So welcome to Kiev next year :slight_smile:
You can also organize your own meetup :nerd_face:

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You can also find some Moldavan authors in this list:

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Thank you for your feedback :love_you_gesture:
I will definitely be planning a visit to Ukraine! :sunglasses:

I know @Nullifier from VideoHive :slight_smile:

Yes, I wrote about him. He was at the meetup in Kiev this year :slight_smile:

Nice )

Hi! I’d be glad to meet with envato authors from Moldova, I know one cool guy who I met and worked with few times -