$10000001 For a PSD Template :O

See the price https://themeforest.net/item/delphinus-creative-ecommerce-psd-template/12494466?s_rank=18

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Hahaha…but extended licence 150$ . And 44 sales :slight_smile: This is just a bug

Doubt it’s a bug - authors can set their own prices on some files.

Hahahahaha that cracked me up

What’s here is an item $ 10000001 :scream:
Envato should be a law to prevent excessive pricing was there with.

There’s something for that called fees.

Maybe this is a strategy to make people buy extended license, doubtful anyway, or he didn’t know how to hide it and just set this price? Just my theories…

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This is a very WRONG PR method to be notorious with this bad price set.
The author just use a “black hat” approach to be famous on the market. All of us knows that it hadn’t been sold at that price.
What you guys doing (discussing about this item) is on his/her intention and this thread is a goal they’ve just scored. Stay away from these scammers as they are not serious about what they’re doing. I see this guy/lady is asking for a partnership of his appove psd and wonder if someone will be willing to collaborate with him/her with this bad attitude.

I agree with @miyachi_hikari … we should stay away from this trap.

well…to me it says 12$…maybe it got fixed?

:smile: hahaha but I think that already fix it :slight_smile:

oh he just read my above message. lol

Closing old thread. Thanks