1 License, Multiple Sub-Domain Installations allowed?


A customer recently asked if he could use a single license for multiple installations on his sub-domains. Is this allowed? I’m looking over the licensing and haven’t found an answer.


If all subdomains are one product, i think it’s allowed.

In many cases, each sub-domain is considered a single website. It depends on your client’s case.

I may be wrong but here is how I understand it.
If the subdomains are related to the main domain, then it is allowed to use the same theme, else not.


  • Allowed: example.com is the main website, forums.example.com are the forums part of the main website.
  • Not allowed. example.com is selling apples, site2.example.com is selling cars. These are two different websites, not related to each other. Here IMO you should purchase a license for each, means two.

Again, that’s just my oppinion, not sure if it correct.

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If you check the regular licensing terms, it states as “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.”

It means that customer agrees on using the purchase on a single end product and that too not for commercial use. If your custom who purchased is going to use as part of same product in which he has integrated your item, then its ok. But if he has multiple/different end products where he would be using it then he would require to buy regular license for each of his end product/project.

Also, if these product are going to be used as SAAS application of similar where customer will be charged, the customer requires to buy an EXTENDED license for each end product.

In your case as you have an admin theme i doubt if he is building any kind og SAAS software. where he would require to have multiple sub-domains for users using his software. In this case, i think if he buys an extended license and keep it used as part of sub-domain for same end product, that should work.

People, please read my comment and clarify me as well if i am wrong at my understanding else support :wink:


CRIK0VA said

If all subdomains are one product, i think it’s allowed.

Yes, I think so

Thanks for all the answers! I sent this thread to the customer to help him a make a decision on which is best for him.

This doesn’t mean the answers should stop coming though. All feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi, i asked different developers for this issue especially for opencart extensions. They told me it’s just okay to use their modules in different sub domains with a single license as long as you are the single owner of the domain.Though in the terms of the marketplace where you will buy this modules stated that subdomains are considered as different domains and you have to have multiple license to install.

But for the developer of the themes told me it would not work for them and you need multiple or extended license.

Thank you

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