Youtube video in Item Details

I am really missing the feature to add a youtube video to the Item Details tab.
I understand that an iframe is not a good idea but with a little parser and ubb code this should’t be that hard and safe.

Now you can only add one video but if you have more like tutorials there is no room.

I hope that Envato would like to consider such an addon.

Gr. Ceasar

Most people just make a screenshot with a play button and it takes the user to youtube/vimeo in a new window when clicking.

Sure that can be done. But then the customer goes to another page. Not really profi, but that’s my opinion.

target="_blank" doesn’tt work for me. Can you tell me how can i add function for open video in new another window? Please. :cat:

Not possible right now. Direct them to a landing page on your own website with the video embedded in it with clear “back” buttons

Ok. Thank you for answer.

Thanks, dtbaker. I would not know about the screenshot. Can you help me by telling that, is there any place in envato to keep the screenshot image?