i am new here i have some suggestions


I just started a chat room script at [LINK REMOVED] and was excited to add my project details on envato but it ask me too many details to add my listing, why ? why not only few text details and listing is approved.

I cannot provide video or large banner as i am concerned on development.

Thanks for answering.

You don’t need a video - a preview image is not very difficult to make and is a requirement because of the layout of item pages here.

Aside from this you will want to make the preview look good because this will help drive your sales.

To make the item ready you need the preview image, description but you also need more than just to upload the file e.g. documentation to support the file

Even with all these bits it is far from a case of ‘listing and approved’ - if you skip over core requirements then almost certainly it will be rejected.

Good luck