Youtube Intro for World of Warcraft Ingame Movies needed



actually I’m searching for someone who can create an Adobe After Effects Intro (approx 30s) for our WoW Guild. I can provide you our Logo as PSD File with vector Graphics, and I have an exact Idea on how the Intro should look like, bacause we already had one great video Intro, but the guy who made it 1 year ago isn’t reachable anymore, so we need a new one.
At this link you can see one of our videos with an intro, , what I would like to get, is the animation of the NF logo from 00:26 to 00:36



Feel free to contact me at
I have some recent work for gaming intro. Thank you,


Contact me: boostshock[at]

We can talk about it :slight_smile:



If you haven’t found someone already send me an email to