Your item was approved for sale on GraphicRiver

This thread is dedicated to your last approved submissions on Graphicriver.

So, feel free to post your approved item on Graphicriver here. vector, logo, illustration, print templates, presentation templates, font, and etc which have been approved on Graphicriver.

Let’s do it :beers:

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Ok guys, i’ll go first.

Hand drawn tomato illustration with vintage style

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hi here my latest approved item :slight_smile:

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Here it is,
Approved 5 minutes ago :beers:

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Hello i’m new here. This is my last approved item

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DEBROSEE Sport Style Font

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It’s amazing. How did you create this? Have you sketch it on paper? Thanks for opening this topic.

It’s also a great illustration.

Thank u @Tawrathossain :pray:
I draw it directly on Adobe Illustrator, Im using pen tablet by the way, the cheapest one :grin:

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Oh. great! Keep on creating amazing works. :v:

Thanks a lot. U too, keep a great work. Can wait to see your work posted here, bro :coffee:

Its Looking totally Self-promotion.Hope will not happen in future.
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