Your item has been rejected

Hello guys. My first submission was rejected. The reason given is " Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements" thus I won’t be able to resubmit the item again.

How can I tell where the problem is?

Below is a link to the demo:

Please check the demo and let me know your thoughts

Your template isn’t ready for premium item. you have to improve your item quality like design, typography, hierarchy etc.

Check Out My Issue


I have developed a script for managing warehouse stock using PHP Laravel and Flutter SDK.

Web Demo:
My demo is at and you may login with

Password: 123456

App Demo:

Can someone shed some ideas?

Rejected for no reason; no reply from the forum. Supert!

@britechin Why you use dashboard page as a login page ?

Do you think this template suites Envato quality standards.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback.
I’ll remove the sidebar from the login page.
Yes, AdminLTE is an awesome template for Laravel with more than 150 elements. This is used by many Envato Authors.

Yes, i agree with it, as i checked recent items from year, no items like approved with this template. Some authors thinks that AdminLTE completely not follow quality standards. I too think. I get know that front end matters lot.