Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Try a different card or contact your card issuer with qu

I Cannot Buy From Visa

From the error it looks like your bank declined the payment, so you’ll need to contact your bank and ask them why it was declined. Alternatively, you can try using the card on PayPal.

I using the card on PayPal, i using mandiri card

What balance is not enough?

It could be declined for several different reasons. For example, the bank could have seen the charge coming from Australia and declined it for your security, because it doesn’t match your location.

Your only options are to use a different card, or to contact the card issuer to ask why it was declined. Most likely, it was a security block that the bank can fix for you. :wink:

I just want to buy with PayPal but my balance isn’t enough,

i using debit card not credit card

If you’d like to pay with a American Express or Diners card or are having trouble with another card you can choose PayPal and complete a guest checkout. Thanks

thanks everyone, solve

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