Yes I am new. I purchased the "massive cryptocurrency widgets" package

Hello everyone! I purchased the “massive cryptocurrency widgets” package from CodeCanyon annnd? I may be over my head? I can copy and paste with the best of them to my website but, how do I know what im copying and pasting? I tried uploading the file on wordpress as I heard I can see what it is before uploading the code to my personal website? Is that even right? Im very lost here. For whatever reason I was led to believe I could purchase this package, modify/alter some things around to my liking and copy and paste the code to my site? I believe its PHP? Or is it HTML? Is it possible to upload the file somewhere to view and change things around not via altering code? Wordpress sais i must change the “Permalink” and the name in the “read me file”? How do I alter these? I tried Poedit. I failed. Probably not because it doesn’t work but because I dont know what im doing. Any direction, cheats or side steps would be beyond appreciated! Stay safe.

There’s two items using that name so it’s impossible to advise without knowing which it is

Either way neither are WP plugins and neither will be as simple as copy and pasting code somewhere.

You can reach out to the author How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center but bear in mind they are not obliged to install it for you, so you may be best looking for a freelancer to help you set it all up properly