Hy how can I add this to my wordpress site.

How can I add this to my wordpress site.

Unfortunately, that is not a WordPress plugin, so you won’t be able to add it to WordPress. However, you can install it in a sub directory (for example http://mysite.com/cointable/) and provide a link from your WP site to that directory. It will look different from your theme.

You can ask further questions at the item’s comments page but please keep in mind that support does not include installation.

If interested you can find someone to install it for you at Envato Studio.

(Also just to point out, it needs to be a wordpress.org website, not a wordpress.com site, and you’ll need file access in some way like FTP or a file manager).

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How can I add it to my local host. will I just upload. I have installed wp. How do I install it. any tutorial how these are done.

The download file for that item will include full install instructions, but it shouldn’t be much more than simply extracting the files and setting up the database via phpmyadmin. And the author can answer general questions about the installation process for you.

Looks like you’ll need a PHP 5.6+ environment with MySQL, so make sure your local host meets these requirements.