Yeeees ! I reached Level 6 and 3000 sales !!

Hi all,

Today I reached Author Level 6 and I got 3k+ sales in Themeforest,

I would like to thank Envato for this great platform and a special thanks to all authors who helped me here in this forum.


Congratulations! :tada:

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

:tada::balloon:Congratulations, good man, :balloon::tada: now go to the next level. :+1:

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Thank you so much bro :heart_eyes:
I wish you the same :muscle:

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Congratulations :tada::clap:

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Congratz! One step remaining towards Elite.

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Thank you @SPRUKO :heart_eyes:

Thanks a Million @cssninjaStudio :heart_eyes:
I wish you the best

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Congratulations, brother salim


congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations alot :partying_face:


You’ve put in so many hours of diligent work including sleepless nights and have persevered for so many years to reap the fruit of your diligence. You truly deserve it! A BIG Congratulations Celtano for your Great Achievement and for hitting this Great Milestone. It’s very commendable!

You’re manifesting your gift to the world, and your gift is rewarding you handsomely. You’re an inspiration and good encouragement to me and thanks for sharing your success!

You’re doing a great work, so Keep doing what you do best, and you’ll keep having no limits. Keep creating unique and great themes! Your Elite Author status is on its way :slight_smile:

Your gift will continue to make more sales for you. Kudos and God bless you!