Wrong earnings calculations

Did anyone else noticed wrong total earnings? I just checked my earnings total for the month and is much less than as compared to I saw 6 hours ago then I checked my statement page but to my surprise there is no sales reversals. Also total earning for the day is showing wrong the total for the should be something 230 as per the sold items but showing 123 on earning page.

Anyone else having the same kinda problem? I also submitted a ticket to Support

Yeah, same here.

Same here!

Me too, it happened on today.

Just checked it again now, it’s back to normal

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s fixed for me as well. Got the support reply in couple of hours as well. Thank you :smile:

i don’t get why last item sold is 19$ but net is 9.5$ ---- thats so wrong

How much should it have been?

now i got the answer…thanks everyone :slight_smile:

My team do continual check, and it’s really work. :grin: