My earning calculation is not correct

My elements earning on 1st of february was let’s sa “X” and it was “Y” on second and the total was “X + Y” is it is supposed to be, and my elements earning for 3rd was “Z” and the total earning is still “X + Y” is anyone else experiencing the same??? I’m confused


Same here


oh… may be it’s a common issue then they will make it correct

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Any one else experience the same ?

Same here

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Don’t know what is going on

Did you also get lower for todays day than usual? 3rd day is very low for me

No 3rd of feb sales was normal but the total is wrong

same here, i dont know what happen


same here too

Some common issue I guess… :frowning:

I submitted a support ticket will see around tomorow or day after tomorow

Same here. Total Elements earnings are not updated with February 3rd day

Please fix it. Thanks

There is always a lag time between the two amounts updating. Usually they have both updated for the day after about an hour.