WP Theme for products listing (in categories) and user's reviews for each product


Looking for simple and clear wp theme that will be product list/catalog. products will be grouped in categories, and logged user will be able to review/comment every product. Categories should have their own “ranking” - from the best rated to the worst rated.
Homepage should has simple blog area.

Any thoughts ?

Well, what you described is basically ANY WordPress/WooCommerce theme. You only need to chose a design you like.

Could you give any example ?

I mean something like this : https://supplementreviews.com/categories/creatine (its f.e. one category), homapeg will be lef side menu bar, and simle blog area in the centre.

Basically a lot of e-stores themes will be ok (they have easy categorized products etc and review system) but instead of slider i want blog area - http://demos.templatemela.com/woo/WCM01/WCM010020/WP3/