WorkScout - Importing Demo content failing

Hello People

Need some help.
I have followed the instructions to a tee -
The instructions are clear, added the extra bundle. All good

  • I Click on Tools > import.
  • Install Wordpress > Run importer and select the import.xml
  • There is another page. I set workscout to admin, click download and install images and click go.

Then fail fail… Its a shame…
I have made a video of my steps // Screen capture - (1 min long)

To make it super clear. and after i have gone to my plugins.
I have doe this twice now and at a loss.

Can you help or advise please.
Thank you


I think there might be something wrong with your server as well. Also the theme importer can be faulty, i suggest to content the theme owner first, this way you will better be able to solve this problem.

Hi. I think you should turn to the author @purethemes
WorkScout - Job Board WordPress Theme Support

Hi Andrew

we’ve already talked via email and I offered you a help, there’ no need to write it again on forum :slight_smile: it’s not used for support.

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Hello… Thank you for all your feedback.

Thank you for your help, i must have posted these before you offered your help. Wasn’t trying to rock the boat as i appreciate any help that is given!

Thank you PT!!! Awesome

Big thank you for helping!!!