Cannot install theme demos from paid theme. No answers

Trying to get hold of theme people. But they simply wont answer!

I got this theme called reobiz it looked great and a good deal!

I have tested this on two different domain names, on two different servers. Both the same issues all the time when trying to import the demo data and plugins

I am trying to get a refund. But no one is talking to me

Do I have no choice but to go via paypal disputes ?

  1. What happens when you try and install demo content?

  2. How long ago is so you ask for help? Was this via the authors support channels?

  3. Don’t dispute it otherwise your account will be locked until resolved and delay things and access to any purchases

Given that @rs-theme is responding quickly to item comments and the item has good rating - it seems odd that they would not reply.


Just checked you bought theme today and we always try to reply support requests - within 24hours. I already replied your support email. I checked your website link demo data imported only issue on Main Menu selection. I already asked you to share your website admin access. So that I can try to help you.

Demo data import error sometime happened because of low PHP configuration limits.

Hoping you will send me reply of support email and will help you.