Wordpress Theme Customization / Developer

Looking for Wordpress Theme Customization / Developer - I have a Job please let me know ASAP.


www.studio.envato.com or ask the author of the theme - they will always be the best person of you can get them to do it.

Did that already - but they don;t do modifications

Contact to us with your details: outsource@designerresource.org.

Still looking - Please provide email address to be contacted

i’m interested. Please contact me via joglothemes@gmail.com

contact me here: markabucayon@gmail.com

Hi there.
Our profile http://themeforest.net/user/nrgthemes/portfolio

Our email : nicolae@nrgthemes.com

If you’re still looking for someone please mail us at admin@isotopethemes.com

Interested here.
Please shoot us an email: admin@paladinthemes.com

Please add me on ur skype id…I am fully interested in ur job…


Could you please drop me an email via the link below?