WordPress Table Plugin That Can Show Data From Multiple Post Types In Same Row

I’m trying to make a schedule page for an event on a WordPress website.

I essentially have two custom post types which I have made myself called “slot” and “session”. Each “slot” is essentially a time slot which then has four custom fields called “A” “B” “C” & “D” where then I am then providing the ID of the session. The idea is then that each slot can have up to 4 sessions but with then the actual data for the session (so the name of the presentation, speaker name etc) being held in the session record.

What I’m now looking to do is show a table of slots with the associated sessions which would look something like the below.

Time Stage A Stage B Stage C Stage D
09:00 - 10:00 Session A Session B Session C Session D
10:00 - 11:00 Session A Session B Session C Session D

However, when looking at table plugins, while you can very easily create a table for a specific custom post type, if a post ID is provided in one of its field there then didn’t seem to be a way of getting the plugin to look up the post ID and then display fields from that related post. Does anyone know of a plugin where this is possible?

Or does anyone know of a table plugin, where rows are made from timeslots rather than actual posts? This seemed more complicated compared to the 1st option but I could be wrong.