Wordpress soft reject : Theme needs to properly load files

Hello friends, I would be glad to get some help in understanding of this rejection reason :

Theme needs to properly load files, but also to be consistent as well.

There are several functions available for getting the path:

  • get_template_directory - Filter the current theme directory path.
  • get_template_directory_uri - Filter the current theme directory URI.
  • get_stylesheet_directory - Filter the stylesheet directory path for current theme.
  • get_stylesheet_directory_uri - Filter the stylesheet directory URI.


What exactly I am supposed to do?

thanks in advance

Use the filters to generate part of the url.

But generate which url ? instead of what ??

You can see an example here https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_template_directory

already seen , but what i want to know is what function in my theme i should replace with those functions ??

You should consider this functions


Drop me an email if you’re looking for a paid support. I have helped few authors already and I’d be glad to help you as well



You can try to file a ticket to support and ask for more details :slight_smile: