Hey WordPress reviewer, what's the problem here?

We just received a new soft rejection for one of our WordPress themes.

It’s funny because after waiting 3-4 days after a resubmission we get 1 single point telling us:

1. Theme needs to properly load files, but also to be consistent as well. 
There are several functions available for getting the path: 
- get_template_directory - Filter the current theme directory path.
- get_template_directory_uri  - Filter the current theme directory URI. 
- get_stylesheet_directory - Filter the stylesheet directory path for current theme. 
- get_stylesheet_directory_uri - Filter the stylesheet directory URI. 


You can replicate the issue by running a Theme Check plugin

Running a Theme Check plugin?! Hello Dolly, there are no issues when checking the theme with Theme Check Plugin.
Below its a screenshot made after running the Theme Check:

  • There are no errors, no notices, no warnings but 3 INFOS.

We check the “WordPress Theme Submission Requirements” and there says it all:

Themes are required to eliminate WARNING, REQUIRED, RECOMMENDED, and INFO notices from the ‘Theme-Check’ plugin as much as possible. Some allowable exceptions include the following:

Warning: Found base64_encode()
Warning: Found base64_decode()
Warning: Found fwrite()
Warning: Found fopen()
Warning: Found fclose()
Recommended: Found add_theme_support('custom-header', $args)
Recommended: Found add_theme_support('custom-background', $args)
Info: Found include_once()
Info: Found include()
Info: Found require_once()
Info: Found require()
Including the above, rare exceptions can be made at a reviewer's discretion.

Info: Found include_once() - is accepted and reviewers should know this but why this doesn’t happen?!

What your opinion guys? I think that there are some reviewers playing with us with these kind of feedbacks!!!
Hope that someone from envato stuff will see this post and give a reply.


Your reviewer is asking to fix for something else, not the “info” message as seen at Theme Check plug-in.

Details : Wordpress soft reject : Theme needs to properly load files
More can be found by easily searching the forum

If you need paid solution, I could offer support, in that case, you can drop me an email

Hello modeltheme,

Instead of using ABSPATH, use WordPress specific functions like get_stylesheet_directory, etc