WordPress Soft-reject issues | Need Help

Hello Experts,

I’m very much confused at this point. Can you please explain clearly where the changes need to be made? Here the issues:

  1. Please make sure it supports child themes.

  2. Directory path should be get_template_directory() and not dirname( FILE ).

  3. Theme needs to properly load files. There are several functions available for getting the path: - get_template_directory(): Returns the absolute template directory path - get_template_directory_uri(): Returns the template directory URI - get_stylesheet_directory(): Returns the absolute stylesheet directory path - get_stylesheet_directory_uri(): Returns the stylesheet directory URI.

  4. Page Break/ <!--nextpage--> doesn’t work in posts.


My thoughts:

  1. I cant get it what needs to do on it.

  2. my functions.php file and other files are okay. i cant understand where my fault.

  3. I have used correct paths. but again soft rejected.

  4. I cant find that tag, where it might be?


I need your help. If you have experienced earlier, please help.

I can help you with number 4

  1. this is not a tag, you’ll never find it, but this is pagination in the post if the user want to split post to 2 parts or more .
    check this article to understand it http://www.electronmedia.in/wp/wordpress-post-pagination-nextpage-not-working/

Hi, for number 1:
Just create another folder out of your theme named [your theme name]-child and just create inside this folder style.css and functions.php , and just import style.css and functions.php from your main file. Read this article for more https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Many Thanks for this help! Lets see this time what happens to my theme.

Thanks for your help. I submitted child theme too with main files. But there might be issue with including theme files(get_template_directory_uri(). I’ve submitted again. Thanks!

Can you see any matches if you run a recursive search on the full theme directory for the content term “dirname”?