WordPress - sliders not loading [solved]

Hey community,

So I’m trying to build my WordPress site but I quickly hit a brick wall with the sliders. I’m using Avada, and no matter which slider I try to use on the front page (FusionSlider, RevolutionSlider, ElasticSlider, LayerSlider), NONE of them will load. They just sit there loading forever.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Is this a common issue? I have tried deactivating plugins to ensure it’s not due to clashing, but that hasn’t fixed anything. I’m posting here hoping someone else has come across this issue and has a quick fix. If not, I’ll have to contact support at ThemeFusion.

Thanks in advance!


Why don’t you contact them directly? I mean they are making tons of money, and you want support from community? come on.

Did you import slides?

You’re probably right. I will contact them. I just thought the community might have some quick advice - clearly the answer is no.

No, I just created them myself - very basic stuff, but none of them seem to load correctly. The only ones that seem to work are the default Avada slides, which are not what I’m looking for.

Can you give me the URL, just want to check it

Sent you the link via pm - thanks

Ok in the meantime check this:

Ah, excellent. Thanks a lot, miseld! That might actually be the problem.

Also consider about this, because you have the same error:

Ok, thanks very much miseld. I’ll look in to it.

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Yes! That fixed it - works now! Thanks a bunch, mate! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!