Wordpress Plugin License

I am trying to figure out what I am allowed to do with some of the CodeCanyon WordPress Plugins I have bought, like “Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin” and AccessPress Social Pro and others. I am not seeing the license agreement or text after I purchase it or go to the downloads. My belief is that some can be installed on multiple site (by the same wordpress developer), but others require specific licenses per domain or per site. I have several sites and subsites. Sometimes its is needful to create subsites because of incompatibilites between plugins or because it works better that way - keeps stuff self-contained better. FS Poster is an example of one where it must be licensed per site or per subsite. I wish Envato would add a link to the license (not just the purchase code) in the downloads area. In Elements.Envato.com I can see the license rules. But it is hard to figure out exactly what they are for WordPress Plugins.

There’s no multi use license for codecanyon - you need a separate license per installation.

If it’s from elements then you need to download a new copy

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