Wordpress plugin for portfolio grid/lightbox

The plugin needs to be able to display a grid of thumbnails (for various projects). The more options for display of the grid, the better. Being able to pull photos directly from somewhere like a shared Google Photos album or Facebook album or an s3 bucket would be awesome, but I would settle for the WP Media Library. I need the ability to display an entire album (or series of images) in a slider in the lightbox when a thumbnail in the grid is clicked. For example, if my portfolio grid is to showcase the various houses I’ve built, I need to be able to click on a thumbnail for “44 Aspen Drive” and in the lightbox, see photos of all of the rooms in the house at 44 Aspen Dr - same for 121 Glendale Ave, 14 W Main St and so on. The lightbox must resize for each photo displayed so that there is no cropping. And finally, in addition to the photo slider being displayed when a thumbnail is clicked, there must be a sidebar that can display HTML content - this content will remain the same for every photo in the slider, BUT each photo must also have its own caption that is displayed beneath it in the slider.

With the exception of:

The lightbox must resize for each photo displayed so that there is no cropping.

Media Grid comes SO close to meeting all of that criteria, but when you specify that an image slider opens in a lightbox when a given thumbnail is clicked, the size of the lightbox can be set, but it has to be the same for each image in the slider, meaning images that don’t fit the space specified are either cropped OR if you force it to show the entire image, there is tons of unwanted whitespace around it. Unfortunately, this is not a feature i can do without.

Does anyone know of a plugin that checks all of those boxes?

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