Fit-to-screen Responsive Portfolio

Hello. I am looking for a unique portfolio solution for a Wordpress website. What I’m seeking is a portfolio that would function much the same as most WP portfolios - using filters to sort categories - however, this particular solution would NOT require scrolling to view all thumbnail images. Rather it would reformat thumbnails (masonry or grid, either is fine for this purpose) AND change scale of thumbnails so they may fit within the area W X H provided.

The idea explained further…On initial page load, naturally the ‘view all’ is selected and includes the highest quantity of thumbnails, therefore each thumbnail would be super small - being stuffed in the provided area. Upon selecting a category from the filter options, only a select few remain, and would rescale/reformat to fit the provided area - thumbnails would be larger to fill the void.

Does anyone know if such a plugin exists? Any assistance or advice is appreciated.