Wordpress Plugin for Managing Shopping Mall

Hello I would like a wordpress website for a shopping Mall where each shop owner will have his own shop and manage it ideally through the front end. There will be no online shopping just galleries with products, the shop owner and product reviews. So i’m looking for any related plugin or plugins I could use. Either paid or free solution I don’t have any problem.
Thank you


You will need wordpress + wocommerce with a bit of customization, if you want someone to buld it contact me from my profile page.

If you want to build it yourself, get a good theme like enfold or bridge, use this plugin, it will remove the prices part, I’m sure the storefronts for each store can also be created with a buit of customization.

I think that woocommerce is an overkill for this application because we are not going to sell online.

I can imagine it like multiple galleries where each shop owner has access only to his gallery. Any other ideas?

If you think that’s an overkill, the simplest solution would be to create a separate page with each store with a page template like gallery and link each page to individual user, this will require little customisation though.