wordpress member stores



We really like this theme

It was some really cool features however it is not compatible with woocommerce.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a wordpress plugin/codecayon script to allow users to create member stores on our site and list products through?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Depends on if you mean stores or accounts. If it’s the later just search for ‘digital marketplace’.

Bear in mind that if you plan to profit off the site i.e. charge people to use it e.g. to set up my own account and sell my products I have to pay you to use the site then you need an extended license


Many thanks Charlie for your reply.

I was not aware about the extended license cost.

So this mean for themes like

If I want to use the yith commerce plugin i would have to purchase the extended license?


That’s an interesting plugin - never seen that before. I will check with envato but my guess would be that it depends on the structure of your site. e.g. are you charging people to have their own shops? Are you just taking a commission on sales? etc. etc