Anyone used CouponXxL themes before?


Hi guys,

May I know anyone used this theme before here is the link:

Thank You


Yes, i have:
The customer support is not good, very very slow. For my experience, the worst customer support i have ever seen in my life in Wordpress and work only with a forum. The theme have many bugs, how the problem of import, when import other coupon with XML i need always make a manual query in php my admin because don’t appear the coupon in the website, the problem of Google Maps that work with the deals but not with coupon mode. Problem sending coupons for the user, if you press more than once the send button, while being charged, he loses credits and sends many double cards. The problem with import user, if do you want import the user have a big error with smeta plugin (is a Couponxxl plugin) and for accesses, is set as a company and not as a normal user, creating a problem in the Profile Management (blank page). Problem with the cache, if you use autoptimize.
If you have a big problem with this theme, don’t worry,t hey will give you assistance when they want them, otherwise they ignore you…