WordPress Plugin Canvass

My name is Jason from Vimcreek Digital Marketing. We are currently seeking reliable WordPress plugins compatible with the Woodmart theme by xtemos. These plugins must have positive user feedback, a substantial sales record, and be regularly updated.

Specifically, we are looking for the following:

  1. Website Security Plugin: This plugin should offer robust protection against fraud and bots by implementing various CAPTCHAs and email verification. Additionally, it should effectively hide website directory information and uploaded images from public view.

  2. WooCommerce Bulk Editor: A user-friendly bulk editor that allows efficient management of product variations, photos, prices, and the ability to add new products to variations.

  3. Contact Form 7 Improvement Plugin: This plugin should enhance Contact Form 7’s functionality by providing a more intuitive editing process, such as block-based editing, and enabling the creation of complex conditional logic to gather detailed information from inquiries.

We would greatly appreciate any recommendations from the community regarding plugins that meet these criteria. Thank you for your time and assistance.