Wordpress Hard Reject Help

In my theme i use Free Astra theme for starter theme. I’ve got a hard reject :slight_smile: I don’t know: my design is totally mess or something else reason. Please review my Wordpress theme and give me some feedback. Thank you in advance !

search : typography

Thank you!!!

Actualy i use approved themeforest typography. So I’m little confused.

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My advice don’t try to send this theme and save your time, start a new theme with :

Visual hierarchy and aesthetics. - Typography. - Forms and buttons. - More attention to details. - Better design consistency. - An overall spacing. - Color contrast and schemes. Here are some resources for you: - https://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/04/10/successful-web-design-its-all-about-the-details/ - http://typespiration.com - https://designmodo.com/10-mistakes-website/ - http://blog.usabilla.com/visual-appeal-web-design/ - http://practicaltypography.com - http://spencermortensen.com/articles/typographic-scale/

Ask yourself, what is web design standarts? How to create a clear and modern web template? what is tipo, color contrast and more…


Thank you !!! Thank you very much!!!

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